Besuchen Sie uns bei der PLMA US-Handelsmarken-Fachmesse

28. 10. 2019

Herzlich eingeladen, wenn Sie Ihr Angebot an Damenhygieneartikel mit hochwertigen Produkten, die den internationalen Vorschriften und Standards entsprechen und aus fortschrittlichen biobasierten umwelt- und körperfreundlichen Materialien hergestellt sind, erweitern möchten.

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Visit us at EWMA - Natural solution for wound healing by Tosama

24. 5. 2019

We will present our successful project of developing Vivamel dressing and demonstrate our 10 years’ experience in treating chronic wounds with medical chestnut honey.

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Tosama's international conference on Vivamel


As part of the celebration marking the tenth anniversary of the development of modern wounds dressing Vivamel, Tosama organised traditional international conference devoted to modern wound care with medical chestnut honey. 

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Helping coordinate family and career

17. 12. 2018

71% of Tosama employees are women, also in management structures, therefore, we are very aware of our responsibilities. 

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Natural care has been awarded


In Tosama, our design and development are always driven by the motto that the end product must be the best we can offer to our customers. A great test of how the market will receive the novelty is a worldwide project Product of the Year, which also takes place in Slovenia.

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New TV advertisement

13. 9. 2018

We are glad to present you our new TV commercial and some making-of photos. 

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Successful development and cooperation with science

29. 8. 2018

In Tosama, ideas for new products and prototypes are developed in the company's own development department and research group.

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Promocije finalistk Miss Slovenije 2018

17. 8. 2018

Finalistke Miss Slovenije 2018 predstavljajo Tosamine izdelke. Poglejte si, kje jih lahko srečate.

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Our tampons are patented

20. 7. 2018

Svoje izdelke smo patentirali in zanje poleg evropskih prejeli tudi ameriške, kanadske, kitajske in ruske patente. Vsi prejeti patenti so za nas zelo pomembni, saj so garancija za kvaliteto in lastno inovativnost – patente pač pišejo mojstri svoje obrti. 

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V vsaki ambulanti, v vsaki domači lekarni

12. 7. 2018

Despite different trends in the world, we in Tosama still produce all bandages at home. Adding together the amount of bandages that come from our weaving rooms, we make more than three million annually, all together we produce 19,055 kilometres of bandage. Ninety percent of our bandages are made from pure cotton.

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Miracle combination of honey and algae

6. 7. 2018

The ancient Egyptians have discovered the efficacy of honey in the treatment of various wounds. The oldest recipe with honey was created 2000 years BCE in Sumer.

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We colour childhood orange

28. 6. 2018

In the process of children’s product development, we are guided by the thought that only the best is good enough for our youngest and we use natural raw materials where possible. Customers confirm our idea as 85% of the brand sales consist of products made from natural materialssuch as cotton, cellulose, and natural oils.

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We trust in tradition while setting trends

15. 6. 2018

Concern for female intimate care has been Tosama's priority from the very beginning. The tradition of producing sanitary pads is as old as the company itself; we have been producing tampons since 1983. For many mature women in Slovenia, Tosama is a synonym for intimate care. In recent years, as the company systematically dened itself with natural materials, new products and materials are becoming more and more popular with modern users as well.


Celebrating 95 years

5. 6. 2018

Our company celebrates the 95th anniversary of its existence in 2018. As we look back at the road that lead Tosama from a small workshop where bandages and cotton wool were made to the modern, customer- and market-oriented company, we are especially proud of the last few years.


Tosama med biogospodarstveniki

1. 6. 2018

Mednarodna delavnica o bioplastiki

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Kupon za upokojence

30. 5. 2018

Kliknite na povezavo in si natisnite kupon za popust v Tosaminih Belih štacuncah.

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Lepotice v recikliranih kreacijah

25. 5. 2018

Koprena, povoji in tamponi so lahko tudi obleka

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Zbiranje bombažkov 2018

16. 5. 2018

Zbirajte bombažke in si pridobite popust v Tosaminih Belih štacuncah.


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15. 5. 2018

Stranke, ki ste izdelke kupile naprošamo, da jih ne uporabljate več in vljudno prosimo, da se za brezplačno zamenjavo le-teh obrnete na Center za pomoč uporabnikom in servis na brezplačen telefon 080 12 32.

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Kupon za 20 % popusta na izdelek po izbiri

15. 5. 2018

Kliknite na povezavo in si natisnite kupon za popust v Tosaminih Belih štacuncah.

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PLMA Internationale Fachmesse Amsterdam

14. 5. 2018

Naše podjetje bo tudi letos sodelovalo na sejmu PLMA v Amsterdamu. 

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FDA-Bewertung erfolgreic

10. 4. 2018

Wir in Tosama arbeiten nach den höchsten Standards der Welt



27. 3. 2018

Stranke, ki ste izdelke kupile naprošamo, da jih otroci ne uporabljajo več in da izdelke vrnete v prodajalno. Kupnina za izdelek vam bo v celoti povrnjena.

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Tosama na televiziji

12. 3. 2018

Posneli smo oglas za Naturo Femino.

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Potrošniki so izbrali naravno nego

21. 2. 2018

Naziv »Izbran produkt leta 2018« za dve skupini Tosaminih izdelkov

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Thank you for visiting our booth at PLMA 2016!

26. 5. 2016

We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting Tosama’s booth at PLMA 2016, held in Amsterdam. It was pleasure to meet you and introduce our products.



Jasmin Sport - „Produkt des Jahres 2016“

19. 5. 2016

Der Titel „Produkt des Jahres 2016“ für zwei Gruppen von Tosama-Produkten

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